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2019 ADA Dental Sleep Medicine Conference

Wednesday, September 4 - Thursday, September 5

Consider your interest in Dental Sleep Medicine/Airway Therapy. How do you want to make it happen for you, your team, your professional colleagues, and your patients? Do you have a plan? Are you sure what your obligations, responsibilities, and opportunities are? This course has been designed from the ground up to give you the information and the process you need to make those choices.

Over two days in San Francisco, you will hear three of the leading experts in Dental Sleep Medicine explain each point in the ADA Policy Statement, supporting practical, you-can-do-this clinical wisdom with the latest in medical science and professional guidelines and protocols. Each point discussed will be accompanied by experiential learning to help every attendee create solid action plans for implementation. Every attendee will leave with a workbook based on the lectures.

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2019 AAPMD Airway Summit: Collaboration Cures

Thursday, October 17- Saturday,October 19

The Mission
Over the past few years, a growing body of evidence supports common origins of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer.Now in their fourth meeting,ACAMandAAPMDuniquely demonstrate how medicine & dentistry can collaborate in both assessment & treatment of patients for better overall healthcare.

The Meeting
We encourage you to check out the entire program. This meeting will feature presentations to the combined groups as well as separate presentations to each on their focus and interest. In addition, there are workshops, case studies, combined receptions and networking opportunities.

The Future of Medicine & Dentistry
We hope that when you leave the conference, you take the spirit of collaboration with you and help us continue to grow it, not just at future annual conferences, but at events, webinars, and communications throughout the year.

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2020 Yankee Dental Congress Meeting

Friday January 31 - Sunday February 2

The Yankee Dental Congress is New England’s largest meeting for professionals seeking the best dental continuing education, as well as dental products, services, and resources. Held in Boston each January, Yankee is the best source in New England for industry professionals on the cutting-edge of oral health care.

The Dental Sleep Apnea Team: Join us for two days of sleep apnea education! Take all four, or pick and choose: 1. Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicines - How to make this work! 2. Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing Utilizing Mandibular Advancement 3. Deep Dive into Dental Sleep Medicine 4. Patient Communication, Marketing, Billing, and Insurance for the Dental Sleep Medicine Practice

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