FAQs regarding Sleep Apnea therapy

Q. Do I have to be referred by a physician?

    While you do not have to be referred by a physician to be treated, oral appliance therapy requires a team     approach. In order to be treated for sleep apnea, you will need a physicians diagnosis based on a medical     sleep study as well as a prescription for a Mandibular Advancement Device. 

Q. How does an oral appliance work to manage snoring/sleep apnea?

    Oral appliances are small acrylic devices worn in the mouth that fit over the upper and lower teeth similar to     a retainer or mouth-guard.  They work by repositioning the tongue and lower jaw forward during sleep to     maintain an open airway.  This prevents the collapse of the soft tissues in the back of the throat.  Oral     appliances may be worn alone, or in combination with a sleep re-positioner or CPAP. 

Q. How long will it take me to adapt to the appliance?

    Once an appliance is selected and impressions are taken, it takes about 3 weeks to get an appliance     fabricated.  You will then return to our office for fitting and to do any adjustments needed.  It differs with each     patient, but many find they can sleep well the first night and most patients become acclimated to the     appliance within a few weeks. 

Q. How do you confirm the effectiveness of the oral appliance?

    Patients with sleep apnea must have a follow up sleep study while wearing their device to confirm the     effectiveness.   During the study Dr. Berley will be able to do any adjustments of the appliance necessary to     maximize your success

Q. How long do the appliances last?

    Under normal circumstances, the appliances generally last about 5 years, but many last much longer.   

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